Sainte Bernadette

Sainte Bernadette

Offers diversified induction and training.

The role of the Service is to allow all Hospitaliers and Hospitalières of Our Lady of Lourdes to gain a better knowledge of the Message of Lourdes and thus to be better prepared to be witnesses both in Lourdes and wherever they live.

 Aims of the Sainte Bernadette service :

• To provide a service of Formation, an induction programme for all new and trainee helpers (who are known by the French name Stagiaires)

• To offer permanent, ongoing Formation for experienced Hospitaliers

• To support and encourage those who may be chosen for future positions of responsibility.

• To involve the entire « Hospitalité familly » in the mission of Formation

• To be witnesses to the « Hospitalier spirit »

• To base all formation on the witness of a Christian lifestyle.

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